Academic Year 2010-2011

Complete genetic expression of inflammation molecules in lipid tissue and uninucleate peripherals


Research: Detection and Formulism of types  6,11,16,18,31,33 of HPV virus with the PCR method, in house and Microarrays in women with dysplasia and cancer of  cervix.


       Molecular analysis of inflammation in coronary artery


       Non ionized radiation effects of  mobile phone in tagged memory of mus musculus muscles.


 Identification of  urinary tumors system using anasiological chemicals pointers


       Mobile phones radiations effects. Enumerations of electromagnetic radiations from Cell telecommunications Bases and High Voltage transfer line -Danger calculation


       Enumeration of electromagnetic fields in districts (denger calculation using the ORT experiment in muscles) (video)


       Enumerations of Electromagnetic radiation in districts. Radiations experiments in muscles. (video από camera)


       Research: the action of the cellular osteopontine in phenotype and the functions of tree's cells during the self - Anasiology (video)



       Electromagnetic fields effects: WI-FI and the microwaves oven in Drosophila Melanogaster.


       Electromagnetic fields effects in mammals (video)


       Research of electromagnet radiation in nervous apoptosis and astro-cells (video)


       Mobile phines electromagnetc radiations in insect development D. Melanogaster and D.virilis


       Research: The biological effects of bluetooth radiations in dipter D.Virilis (video )


        Electromagnetic fields radiation : mobile phones and radio frequency generators in Drospophila virilis (video από camera)


        Electromagnetic fields effects : WI-FI and radi frequency generator in Drospophila virilis (video από camera)


       Electromagnetic radiation effects of,Wi-Fi, in egg - genesis procedure of D. Melanogaster.


       Electromagnetic fields effects : from BABY MONITOR to Drospophila melanogaster (video )


        Cell phones electromagnetic radiation effects and DECT wireless phone in insects nervous system  D. melanogaster (video)



Biological role of lipoid protein J/Clustein  in human hipatic cancer cells  and pancreatic cells


Corticosterone levels and research of resurrection parameters of reptiles tail Podarcis gaigeae after the wireless phone radiation exposure


Multimedia in teaching, capturing and processing videos and courses lectures of MoA (Applications of Biology in Medical Science) , and internet site development 


Capturing and video processing of MoA lectures( Applications of Biology in Medical Science), and development of


Processing of lectures and lab exercises with emphasis in the course: Cellular Biology and Molecular Biology of MoA( Applications of Biology in Medical Science) -Site development - Translating video in Greek.


Multimedia processing of lectures and lab lectures of MoA ( Modern Teaching techniques of Biology and New Technologies), and site development.


Translating and Processing educational videos - Development of


 WEB 2.0 and SOCIAL MEDIΑ Technologies  (Socials Networks) in Teaching procedure.


Using Multimedia for capturing and processing the lectures and the lab exercises of course :" Cellular Biology " and Special Chapters in Cellular Biology"


Distribution of integrine anb3 breast cancer cells in origin cultures and tissue parts biopsy after the action of RGDs  Connection with the cellular multiplication pointers for the detections of pollution.


Distribution of integrine anb3 in breast cellular cells in origin cultures and tissue part biopsy after the action of RGDs. Connection with cytoceratine 7 and 19.



Anasiological chemical research of the factor STAT1 in breast cancer cells .


Hereditary Stay Cellular Research of Embrional Haemoglobin in Greece


Chemical Anasiology Research of  Renal under of Biotic Action








Academic Year 2009-2010



Chromosome transfer  TEL/AML t(12;21)(p13;q22) effects research in leukemia development



          Bluetooth and cell phones electromagnetic radiation effects in dipter insect reproduction Drosophila melanogaster


         Electromagnetic radiations effects of mobile phones in muscles.


         Biological dosimetry methods; Possible effects of differential consideration in population between the cultural time of blood in model method.


        Electromagnetc radiation effects in reproduction of insect Drosophila melanogaster- Enumeration of radiation in the Cell Mobile Bases.


       Research: Acidosis of cytoplasm's ,skeletic and membrane proteins of storage erythrocytes in transfusion conditions


      Interaction of cellular circle and circade clock in mice cellular systems


     Research: The electromagnetic fields affects of mycetes.


      Reaction of inflammation with CMV in the quality of spermatozoon in males


     Capturing and Processing video of lectures and lab exercise with emphasis in MoA (Applications of Biology in Medical Science) A) (Computers , Biomedicine images analysis and procession) B) (Cellular Biology 0 Electronic Microscopy) Site Development - Translating educational videos in greek.


       Processing Lectures and Lab exercises using multimedia. Site Development.


     Capturing and Processing video of lectures and lab exercise with emphasis in MoA (Applications of Biology in Medical Science) A) (Computers , Biomedicine images analysis and procession) B) (Cellular Biology Electronic Microscopy) Site Development - Translating educational videos in greek

   Electromagnetic radiation effects in Balb/c muscles : Behavior, Histology, Immunologic Chemistry



   Cell phones Radiation Effects in  MUS MUSCULUS muscles of Balb/c part  Video



Academic Year 2008-2009


           20/03/2009 Valaris Kostantinow


          13/03/2009  Kourouzidou Ageliki


           26/01/2009  Sikioti Vasia Samantha


           26/01/2009  Perdikari Aliki

            11/11/2008   Xirogiannopoulou Pelasgia


            11/11/2008   Margarita Chatzimanoli


            11/11/2008   Hristina Hatzipoluchroni


            17/10/2008   Theodorou Marina


            17/10/2008   Mperras Spuros


            17/10/2008   Moschogianni Stamatina


            17/10/2008   Lagaki Eleni


             17/10/2008   Menexiadou Elisabet


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  4. James Carpenter in USA Congress.




             07/10/2008   Tatsis Agelos


             07/10/2008    karagianni Evanthia


             06/10/2008    Griva Theodora


Academic Year 2007-2008

  25/09/2008    Korakaki Anna

  25/09/2008    Chounou Zoi

            25/09/2008    Vrantza Tereza

            23/07/2008    Kotsila Panagiota

            04/07/08  Sarris Michalis

             27/06/08  Kokaliaris Konstantinos

14/04/2008 Giouzi Eleni

            14/04/2008 Korniotis Sarantis

13/03/2008 Kanelina Karnali

26/11/2007 Konstantinos Apostolakis

24/10/2007 Ioanna Christopoulou

24/10/2007 Theochari Eleni

16/10/2007    Trimandiri Maria





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